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We take this opportunity to introduce Aryan Security, a responsible and accountable Integrated Facility Management and Payroll Management organization.. ISS is one-stop-shop for all kinds of facility services, ranging from Security, Housekeeping, Maintenance & Service Support, Electronic Security, Plumber, Electrician, and also various range of customized miscellaneous services. The company strives to build competence in these non-core areas and provide smart and trained resources leading to saving of valuable managerial time, organizational focus and a trouble free work environment.
Regardless of your industry, your facility's various non-core activities are integral to the success of your business. Without the proper management, facilities can fail - production slows, morale drags, end-product quality suffers, client and investor perception is tarnished. On the other hand, ISS helps our customers prioritize and budget effectively, allowing them to focus their time and money on more important things like running their core business.
Today, customers are becoming increasingly demanding and even adventurous and constantly seek for greater values from service providers. Our challenge is to respond to these trends by creating service environments with a smile. Our team is equipped to face the most challenging situations concerning service, cost control and demanding clients. Our goal is to delight you with quality services, a great attitude, outstanding-people and a commitment to constant innovation. Every day we strive to see things differently and translate our passion into an experience that you enjoy, as we have up- graded to a third party insurance on Theft / Burglary.
At Aryan, we offer an integrated business solution to all our clients. This includes (1) Building services, (2) People services, (3) Business services and (4) Help Desk. We also provide our clients with one contract, one contact and one invoice for all our services.
Sir, we understand the sensitivity of service business and the importance of providing professional and specialized expertise in accordance with the requirements and to the utmost satisfaction of the customers. We are certain our unmatched strength of lowering client's operational costs while maintaining high service levels through our processes driven approach, shall make a lasting partnering relationship. We sincerely look forward to serve your esteemed establishment.


Aryan Security & Facility Management Services is West Bengal's largest security company with more than 1100 employees approximately, and a state infrastructure with offices in Kolkata.
Aryan Security & Facility Management operates in all market segments and has a customer and staff centric philosophy. This is illustrated by our single point of contact account management programme and our investment in staff training as an accredited Registered Training Organization (RTO). Our training programmes provide a variety of industry, customer service and client specific programmes for Aryan Security & Facility Management. (Facility division) employees that will ensure our people are best positioned to deliver the highest level of service to our customers while offering them a challenging and rewarding career as our employees. Read More

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